Jun 302008

So, today the sun was shining again, and I finally managed to take picture of the finished stole. It only took me ten days… (I wrote aboug the stole and it’s transformation in another post. That’s where those of you who want to know can also find the information about pattern and yarn.)

I found the pattern when I followed a link to the Hanami stole I had seen on somebody else’s blog. It’s by the same designer. The swirls and ornaments appealed to me instantly. I wanted to knit this stole for myself.

It’s called Scheherazade, and I thought of mine as my storyteller stole. Telling stories seems to be more important to me than I have recognized in the past. So this stole became a symbol to me.

While knitting I imagined myself on stage, singing, and wearing it. Not very practical, but then.

Of course it’s a writing talisman too

  8 Responses to “Pictures of my finished Storyteller Stole”

  1. It’s so beautiful. ( I liked it on your rug, too, with the dark colors showing through.)

    Thank you for including the details about how you visualized using it. It would be very cool to see you onstage wearing it. I’ll buy tickets!

  2. So very pretty! Maybe someday I’ll learn how to knit like that. (Right now I just do simple blankets, no patterns, etc..)

  3. you are crazy talented. wow.

  4. i love it. the colors are eatable.

  5. Lovely! I’m so impressed that you made that!

  6. I am always so impressed by the way you make things of beauty.

    And yes I can see a stroy teller wearing this.

  7. OK, that is amazingly beautiful.

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