May 282008

for Wordless Wednesday

red sandals

(more on the color of sandals in a post from last year)

  10 Responses to “This year’s sandals are of a manly red”

  1. sandals socks summer;)

    i like it;)

  2. sorry.. i dont get it,,,,,,,,

  3. Well, you can’t really get it, until you know that last year my son wanted pink sandals – and I didn’t buy them. Later I was proved right because the other children made fun of him when he wore some pink socks that I had bought him instead. I was surprised when he chose the red sandals this year and declared that this was a color very suitable for a boy.

  4. They’re working with the manly black socks!

    (My husband just ordered himself a point-and-shoot camera. He thought he had ordered red, but, no, it’s pink!)

  5. Love the black socks with the sandals. He’s really making a fashion statement!

  6. My WW shows my preschooler’s eclectic dress sense. I console myself that at least she is independent!

  7. cool catch for WW! mine’sup too hope you can drop by…

  8. Lorenzo loves orange. I went to the children’s second hand store and bought him three orange shirts and a pair of orange shorts for $10 because it’s a simple enough way to make him happy, I just won’t do laundry every single day.

    His feet look remarkably comfortable. Great choice.

  9. Oliver’s favourite colour is orange. He has decided it to be a boys colour. When he was about 2/3 his favourite colour was pink but after he started school he soon abandoned that idea. Pretty pleased it isnt blue though as have spent most of his childhood actively avoiding blue shoes (and white trainers)

  10. Very manly indeed!

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