May 092008
It’s time again to share the posts we have read and written about social justice matters. Here in Germany we will be celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday. I have always felt a bit ambivalent about it (You can read all about that in this very old post of mine.) but it’s a great occasion to think about the work we all do as mothers, and how important that work is. Also that it is hard and that you don’t get much time off.

I’m very grateful though that at least I don’t have to worry about my son having enough to eat or drink, warm clothes and a home. All my worries are small ones. Nonetheless it’s nice to have a day to think about mothers everywhere, and a day where our children think about what we do for them.

So I was all set to introduce this month’s roundtable with a few words along these lines and then last week I read somewhere about Mother’s Day and that we deserve being celebrated. Great. And then it went on with “Do you get breakfast in bed? Does your husband do the laundry?” because obviously that seems to be part of being a “mom”. When you’re a mother you are the one doing the laundry. I, of course, didn’t know. Because it’s my husband who does most of the laundry. And he’s not the only one.

And this got me thinking about what fathers today are doing with and for their children, and that maybe these days Mother’s Day should be Parents Day. Maybe we should just all take a day off on Sunday and pat ourselves on the back for trying as hard as we can.

So here’s this month’s list of posts:

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Please, do also go to Mad and Jen to see what they are writing about this month. Hel who has been co-hosting this roundtable with us has more pressing things to do and resigned. I’d like to thank her for this and her thoughtful, beautiful posts. Also I forgot to put on the list Joanna who sent in links.

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  1. Ya, I think we should make this Mother’s day about single parents or non-conventional families or the AIDs grandmothers of Africa. Who needs breakfast in bed, really?

  2. I went out on Friday night, and as I kissed Lorenzo good-bye, he said, “Who will be with Dad?” I laughed & reassured him that Dad could put them to bed all on his own, just as I do occasionally, just as Grammy does every Saturday.

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