Apr 142008

You might want to know what happened to me after my regular posting about two weeks ago. Well, spring break was over. It seems that teaching makes it harder to blog and read. Also I spent several mornings at the dentist (almost done), my son was sick, again, for three days, we had friends over, and daylight savings time started.

I also spent almost a week procrastinating writing the assignment for my writer’s group. In the end I decided to write it anyway and after several people have told me that it’s not as bad as I thought I put it up at abctales, it’s called “The Man I Love” which is an actual song. (If you click on the link you can read it. Actual fiction that I wrote. Making it a love story was not my idea, by the way. It was the idea of a person who shall not be named. Well, he will have to write a story about loneliness until the next month, so I guess we’re even. Only I will have to write another story too.)

Of course, everything will change through this week, and I’ll have loads of time to blog, and make music, and such.

I know, very funny.

But then, I’ll probably get my own “connect the microphone to the computer for recording”-device within the week. And De said I should post some music.

And hope springs eternal.

  3 Responses to “Busy, busy, busy”

  1. Eeesh, don’t I know the feeling. As I type I should actually be finishing of an essay and starting with another 2 and revising for three tests.

    Yikes! How I look forward to my June break.

    De is 100% correct. You should publish some music. What I have heard I have loved.

  2. I have been reading and wondering how you are doing this week? I find that I have trouble being artistic in several mediums at once. I am currently working on drawing and when I do it, my writing goes on hold.. I also have been visualizing things in pictures lately instead of words.

    Also, We bought my tickets.. I will be back in Munich on August 1st.. so I will try to be at the August writer’s meetings and maybe you can get me motivated to focus on my artwork instead of everybody elses!

  3. Everything takes time. I think you’re making a lot of progress. I’m busy, but not with anything fun – just a lot of renovating and mess at the house. My back hurts and I want to run outside and play with Spring instead. Two days now, I have forgotten to leave a treasure in Fiona’s fairy house, and yesterday she was sobbing – “I’m going to tear it down; it’s just a BUG house” – so I really must make some magic.

    After I read your story…

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