Mar 242008

This was one of the things my son found on his egg hunt yesterday. The pattern is Sophie by Ysolda Teague. My son named it Franziska, and we decided that like Pippi Longstocking she is the strongest bunny-girl in the world. So that she can help him against any monsters or ghosts that might be in his room at night. Of course he knows that there are no such things but then he also knows that this is just a knitted toy. It all evens out.

The egg hunt was indoors this year because it was too cold to do it outside even though the sun was shining. We had dyed eggs, plaited easter bread that I made the day before (this year with soy milk since we just found out that my husband is lactose intolerant), and my son got too many toys. I really try not to make this into some gift-giving holiday like Christmas but there are so many people wanting to give him something…

So we’re having nice lazy days, my husband working on his songs, me knitting and making music, and my son making a police station out of paper for his new playmobil waterplane.

There’s still one week of spring break to go, who knows maybe I’ll post again before it is over…

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  1. oh, i so envy you your talent for knitting. i’m a hopeless clod.

  2. Well, I’m sure I could teach you. But then it requires patience… On the other hand everything does, doesn’t it?

    In my case it’s not so much talent as about thirty years of practice. And those beautiful patterns you can get through the internet. When I was a teenager I had to make up my own and the results weren’t as nice as that bunny.

  3. that stuffed bunny is so sweet!

    i’m glad you’re having a relaxing, peaceful break.

  4. That bunny does look like she could kick some monster butt!

  5. I love that bunny!

  6. I’m coming over to put some whiskers on her.

    I can’t figure out how or when Easter became a gift giving holiday. My husband’s family does it now, though he says they never did when he was young. As a result, my mother can’t be out-done and it’s all TOO MUCH.

    I did actually pick up some tiny toys, intending to put them in the Easter basket with their candy, but Lorenzo was with me and he’s too smart for that now – I knew he’d blow the whistle on the Easter Bunny if those toys were in the basket from the bunny. So I ended up breaking my own rule and being a gift-giver.

    Our weather hasn’t turned really spring-like yet either. Too bad – there is much work to be done outside.

  7. I love the bunny!!! And I’m also a bit jealous…all I can do is blankets, which are flat and don’t require much talent. 🙂

    I gave my son a few gifts this year (a board book, a small stuffed horse) because I wanted to give him an Easter basket but he’s only 9 months old…so no candy and no egg hunts (although he’s been enjoying hard boiled eggs). When I was growing up it was generally one small gift, some candy, and some eggs.

  8. De, I remember when I was a child suddenly classmates of mine would get gifts for Easter or St. Nikolas day. I wanted a gift too but my mother was firmly against it. With our son it started because I didn’t want him to be showered in candy, and also I love giving presents, and since his birthday is in December by spring I always have something I’d love to give to him. What I always forget is that the rest of the family loves to give him presents too and so it’s always a bit more than I’m comfortable with.

    I’m always glad when the weather is too bad to do yard work since I don’t like it anyway. We had a sprinkling of snow in the night again.

    Dragonfly, when you can knit flat you can knit in the round too. Maybe it’s less intimidating to try it with a circular needle at first. At my son’s first Easter he got a pajama from his grandmother. The best part for him was tearing the gift wrap off.

  9. Your day sounds idyllic and your rabbit reminds me of the stuffed pig that was my constant companion until I met Florian.

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