Mar 192008

Inspired by HBM, and Bea, for Wordless Wednesday

  12 Responses to “This is how I look without make-up and shower. At noon.”

  1. Wow, you are braver than I am. Working from home, my shower time is usually around 2pm. Until then, I hide from everyone, including my dh. LOL

  2. hey!! we must be on the same celestial wavelength. i just did this, too! 🙂 you are as ever, your own beautiful self!

  3. I have those noon shower days. In fact, today might be one. That smile in the last picture scares me.

  4. Meno stole my comment. (Well, I meant about the smile, but it’s probably all true.)

    No, wait. I did shower today.

  5. A delightful, funny take on this meme.

  6. Oooh, clever. The smile matters so much more than the make-up.

  7. good



  8. i’m with Meno, it’s sort of an “i so entirely know something you do not and i am not going to tell you what it is” sort of smile.

    in all seriousness, you are lovely.

  9. the smile in the last one looks a tad psychotic but you know you look fab without makeup. I would be scared to publish photos of me in the same state

  10. Sexy teeth. Seriously I have an eye for attractive teeth. I fell for Florian’s teeth before I noticed his other attractive bits.

  11. Hi, just found your blog…your smile makes me happy.

  12. So, about the smile: these pictures were taken in reverse order. The last picture was the first taken. It perfectly captures that moment when after you have waited for the camera to take the picture and have smiled expectantly for a couple of seconds your smile starts to fade. After that I experimented with different facial expressions.

    I never hide, in fact I go outside every day without make-up or anything since I work out and shower after I have taken my son to kindergarten and run errands. I think there is nothing scary about a woman in her natural colorings. (Which I don’t like much because I’m so pale. When I teach without make-up people frequently ask me if I’m not feeling well because I’m looking so pale and tired without blusher and eye shadow.)

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