Jan 162008

for Wordless Wednesday, the pattern is Elijah by Ysolda

  14 Responses to “As promised: Carlos, the elephant, with eyes”

  1. goodness, that is cute!

  2. ohhh my that is soo cute..My son keep pointing on it..looks like he want your pink elephant..;)

  3. I don’t know what I expected, but you’re right, that couldn’t have taken ten minutes.

    I bought myself some knitting stuff & a book yesterday because it was too dreary to go straight home after picking Fiona up from school.

  4. Does he play the guitar too? Quite the talented and cute little fella.

  5. ooooh i want one, so bad!

  6. oh, he is mighty fine. I’m off to check out the pattern.

  7. He is gorgeous and reminds me of my stuffed pig.

  8. What a cute little guy Carlos is!

  9. How cute is that!?!?
    I’m new to you so, “Hi!”

  10. I love him!! Precious!!

  11. I really honestly believe I would sleep better at night with Carlos.

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