Jan 092008

As you probably have noticed I didn’t feel much like blogging these past, ahem, weeks. While I do have half a dozen or so posts in my head, unfortunately I didn’t sit down and actually wrote them. So I plan to slowly write them one after the other. This one is about all the things I knit since September or so. I wanted to show you all the things that I made, and then I never did, and now it almost feels ridiculous. Also I’m still waiting for me to embroider the eyes on Carlos Santana, the elephant. If I ever do it it probably will take all of ten minutes, including finding a suitable yarn for it (the biggest obstacle). My son loves it even without eyes but I was reluctant to show you a blind elephant as finished. But then …

So here are my finished “objects” in chronological order:


Jaywalker socks for my husband. I started them on our train ride to Paris. I had to knit about three and a half of them to get them right. (No, my husband only has the usual two feet.) They’re still a bit too big…


Vinnland socks, again for my husband. Those on the other hand are too tight. I love this pattern. I made my usual short row toe and heel, though, because I can’t get the hang of wrap stitches. I have learned a different way to do short rows which I like better. (Of course I found that out only after I had knitted the toe the first time and it was full of holes. What can I say, I’m an expert at ripping things, obviously.)

Then I made a pair of dashing, fingerless mittens for my mother which I forgot to photograph. That was no fun, again, I made about six of them until I was left with a pair that seemed right. Oh, and she says, she doesn’t like them, and so I will have to frog them and re-make them. But she only told me after I had given her a matching hat (Le Slouch by Wendy Bernhard) for Christmas. And she loves it. Phew.

(That’s me wearing the hat, not my mother.)

Finally I made something for me, my first lace stole (It’s the hanami stole. When I saw it I knew I wanted to make it and now I’m hooked on lace stoles. I’m planning two more already.):

hanami stole

hanami ruffle

hanami total

And a hat for me to go with my crocheted scarf:

red hat

(I’m not very happy with this picture but I’m pressed for time here, sorry.)

And finally, Carlos Santana, the elephant who still has to get his eyes:

pink elephant

What I’m knitting right now (but not all at once of course) is: a pair of mittens for my husband, a pair of socks for myself, still the brown cardigan (sigh!), a scarf for my husband (with sock yarn, a true labor of love), and I made a swatch for the secret of the stole II- knit-along (the button is in my left sidebar). And a scarf with the Vinnland-pattern for myself.

  12 Responses to “look what I made!”

  1. Wow, I love those socks! The colors are beautiful. As a non-knitter, I cannot even imagine making socks.

    You look fabulous and happy, and the colors of your hat and scarf complement you well. You are surely turning heads whenever you go out!

    Please send me a picture of Carlos with eyes. I can’t imagine how he could look even better…

  2. I promise to post a picture of Carlos if I ever manage to make his eyes.
    Socks aren’t really that complicated. Nowadays you can even do them on circulars which means that mostly you’re just knitting knit stitch in the round. Then you need a nice person to show you how to do the heel and toe and that’s it. Socks are what I knit when I need something quick and satisfying. (But that was before I started knitting socks with patterns that you actually have to pay attention too.)

  3. I LOVE your jaywalkers, they are fabulous! Your scarf is great too, it looks very squishy and warm. What kind of pattern did you use for it?

  4. you are wonder woman. i just know it now. and seriously, those socks look amazing!

  5. Ahhh!!

    I love love love the socks!!

    I knit blankets…but I fear socks. Perhaps someday I’ll conquer my fear…


  6. Wow, wow, wow!!! These are all fantastic. I LOVE them and am currently experiencing that deadly sin on envy for your talent.

  7. That elephant! That elephant!

  8. um, you are smoking, woman. absolutely beautiful. oh and yes, the knitting too. i love the knitting. i can’t knit. i love what you’ve made and i love that stole!

  9. Great socks rock!

  10. wow you are so good at knitting< those things are smazing. I love the stole was it easy i may get that pattern and make one for my sister in law. You look really pretty in those photos

  11. wow. everything is awesome, especially the socks. And maybe it’s just the picture, but it seems like that bright pink hat really brings out your gorgeous blue eyes.

  12. You are GORGEOUS. And TALENTED. Nice to see you.

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