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  8 Responses to “kindergarten and birthday party”

  1. I LOVE the pirate ship!

  2. Arrr. That’s a fearsome band of buccaneers. What a chocolate-y cake. Cut me a piece or I’ll run you through.

    Are those pinecones in the forest? I forget if you said what the school play was.

    Happy 5th.

  3. I love the back of those absorbed heads.

    And thank you for the honest posts. They made me laugh and feel a part of a sisterhood of grummler.

  4. that cake is fantastic. Happy 5th birthday little man

  5. thank you guys for sharing pictures….what a great cake, and your home…so cozy.

  6. you know, that cake looked yummy, but I’m going to have to ask that you make me a proper and lusciously buttery Stollen and get it to my ASAP!!!! mmm…..stollen!!!

  7. Yar! A pirate party!

    That is way too fun. Maybe someday I’ll have a pirate party with the Little Mister! 🙂

  8. What a great cake.

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