Nov 092007

Welcome again to the October Just Post roundtables. Every month Mad, Jen, Hel, and I present a bunch of links pointing towards blog posts about social justice.


I don’t know if you have heard about it but Chani from Thailand Gal started a blog carnival accentuating the positive. I like that very much and so I want to write about something positive as an introduction to all the fabulous posts that come together in this space.

I remember, a little more than twenty years ago, when people started to be concerned about the environment for maybe the first time ever, I had heated arguments with my father about recycling and such, and he said, people would never do this. Lia wrote a post last month and reminded me how much has changed over the years here in Germany. Especially in that regard. I read somewhere that Germans are recycling champions. I can tell you why: the government decided that it was a priority (but really it was the people because the green party kept growing and growing), and then they made it easy to recycle and hard to throw things in the trash.

Germans don’t recycle this much because they are morally superior but because they want to pay less for garbage removal. But really, Lia says it so much better than I, go over and read her post please. Anyways, even my father who thinks that collecting trash for recycling is stupid puts everything in his yellow recycling bag and has several separate trash bins to collect compost, and paper, and glass, and plastic, and all the rest.

So, change does seem possible. And ever individual counts.

And aren’t you glad that for once I managed to write something short in this month of NaNoWriMo, and NaBloPoMo? But please don’t let that stop you from enjoying the wonderful posts on our Just Post list this month:

The Just Writers
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League of Maternal Justice with Mission #3
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Alejna with hungry
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Some of the many Just Readers
Mother Woman

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  1. Thanks for the mention. Coincidently, today I wrote about the fact that it looks as if Germany will reach its 21% emission reduction Kyoto-goal five years before deadline. Yeah Germany!

    My you have been busy. Lots of good post to look through. The NaBloPoMo randomizer doesn’t seem to be working this time around, so going through your list is a good alternative for finding new and interesting blogs.

  2. change IS possible. and i also really like Chani’s new roundtable. so much goodness.

  3. Yes! I feel like the individual actions really matter, too. It’s wonderful to get concrete examples of this.

  4. […] the world a better place. You can see them right now at jen’s, mad’s, hel’s and suzanne’s. (Each of those posts has the whole list, but the hostesses also add a bit more to the […]

  5. Thanks for the link, much appreciated. And yes, the efforts of individuals and of small groups of individuals can all add together and effect change.

  6. Hi there…I Googled for suzanne com, but found your page about e.mother.thinking » October Just Posts…and have to say thanks. nice read.

  7. Fantatastic links looking forward to reading them. How is the novel coming on

  8. Wow! Love the new design! It looks great.

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