Oct 172007

Three weeks ago: First ever family bike tour where our son rode his own bike.

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  1. What fun! It’s been a long time since I was on a bike, but this summer, when Fiona mastered hers, I started looking forward to family rides (except my bike was in storage at the time.)

    Having missed getting a shot of her on her tricycle in her flowered dress, I made sure to take some of her riding while we were on vacation.

    I like seeing that you started off in town and progressed to the woods. Pine forests are my favorite.

  2. Marvelous! Go, big boy, go!

  3. Oh ride baby, ride!!

  4. Bikes!

    I can’t wait until Baby Boo is big enough to ride on the back of a bike…

  5. Monumentous occasion! Family bike rides are good for the soul.

  6. That second picture is just lovely.

  7. wow and without stabilisers on his bike fantastic.

  8. it looks like a wonderful outing. Now he knows the flying freedom of a bike. Congrats little guy!

  9. Wow! That’s so much fun!

  10. I remember the day of our first family bike ride so clearly. It was a fantastic feeling.

    Great photos — and congratulations to your big boy!

  11. How very pretty you look on the new photo.

    I love the wordless Wednesday posts. They say so much.

    Hel – (hele is my new mail account)

  12. I like It! Nice to see you out with your camera enjoying the weather.. now show me the snow!!!!!!!

  13. Beautiful!! I look forward to the Little Mister learning how to ride a bike. (of course, he isn’t even 5 months old yet…)

  14. Beautiful.

    My kids do not ride bikes despite my hectoring them for years. I just decided not to push it anymore. It still bugs me to no end.

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