Aug 232007

Kindergarten rock ‘n’ roll. (With fake English lyrics and incidental music.)

guitar & gear: epiphone mandobird, natural preschooler voice


My son thinks that everybody makes music, records it and has a blog. So of course he wants to make his own CD. (He’d be into blogging too but as for now he can’t read or write.) He already recorded two “songs”, well rather improvisations, a couple of months ago and my parents were duly impressed. A couple of days ago he wanted to go for it again. I opted for the low tech route and recorded his improvisation with the built-in microphone of my computer.

You can hear the same instrument sounding quite different when the father plays it. Of course it’s all in the recording equipment.

  5 Responses to “Like Father Like Son”

  1. of COURSE he thinks everyone makes music.

    everyone should.

  2. Oh I love it!

  3. I so can’t wait to meet all of you.

  4. Oh, he’s terrific! My own D is sitting here saying he wants to play the cymbals as he hears your little one on the guitar. Precious.

  5. I thought he was great, but Fiona is bothered that the lyrics are unintelligible. That’s really funny to me because she cannot understand half the words to most songs, as evidenced by the words she sings.

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