Jul 232007

Like last year I won’t be attending the BlogHer-conference (Sniff!) but then I’m not entirely sure that I would want to spend my fortieth birthday traveling halfway around the world. Anyways, I will be staying right here. But this meme is also for people who don’t attend. (And Her Bad Mother said something about a list of people who aren’t going.)

This year the task was to write something in 10 seconds. (Very funny, isn’t it? They probably meant that it could be read in ten seconds. Yes, that’s it. Because no one who visits my blog has ever read something that took ten seconds or less either to write or to read.)

Here’s what I wrote on the BlogMe-Thread on BlogHer:

I’m a German music teacher from Germany. I’ll be turning forty on Friday which is one of the reasons why I won’t be going to BlogHer this year. The other is that I will have to teach my students how to sing, play the piano and guitar that day, and that BlogHer is on the wrong continent.

On my blog I’m writing about things like “how to be creative when you don’t have the time”, self-improvement, and occasionally you can hear me sing. I’m mother to a 4 1/2 year old son about whom I blog less than one might think. But I have taken up sewing. Sometimes I even post my to-do-lists.

Really, I should just have copied and pasted my blogger profile. Oh wait, I still can do that:

I’m a piano and singing teacher in midlife crisis. I’m mother to a 4-year-old son, and wife to a wonderful musician who’s teaching electric guitar and bass. Read the chronicles of my attempt to better myself and to be more creative.

Ten seconds… Hahahaha! I hope you all have a fabulous time at the conference.


  5 Responses to “Blog me again!”

  1. I can’t do anything in ten seconds, let alone describe myself. I need at least ten hours for that 😉

    SO glad that you did this!

  2. That took me 12 seconds, so i missed the last two seconds of it. 🙂 Happy 40th on Friday!

  3. too much woman to pack into 10 seconds methinks. And in a good way….

  4. i will toast you under chicago skies, my friend.

  5. Happy Birthday. I hope the sun is shining for you today

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