Oct 242006

Interestingly the last post about the Trojan Horse has created the most comments I ever got. Sadly, nobody knew what happened to Helena. So I’ll do you a public service: I looked it up and here it is (according to German Wikipedia):

Helena was known as the most beautiful woman of her time. She was the daughter of Leda and Zeus. Of course everybody wanted to marry her because of her beauty. She chose Menelaos, but before she actually could marry him, Aphrodite promised her to Paris. Helena went with Paris (and left Menelaos willingly). Then – the Trojan War. There are different versions of the story, but in the main one Paris gets killed and Helena goes back to Menelaos. Who seemed to be okay with this.

(And that’s a pajama, my husband is wearing.)

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  1. It looks to me like you have a good understanding of this! 🙂 Wouldn’t it be perfect to be able to simply follow our body’s demand, whatever it might be?

    (And, btw, I’m glad to read that you don’t shake hands, either. There’s something about that custom that feels really bizarre to me. 🙂



  2. I hate it when i get in that pattern. I can tell because my first thought in the morning is “how long until i can go back to bed.”

  3. it’s a vicious cycle. have you asked that lovely guitar man you live with to compose you sleep songs?

  4. sleep deprivation is so much a part of who I am that I don’t even think about it. When I realized that in my 3 years of residency (we won’t mention med school) I was on call and awake and stressed ALL NIGHT for every third night for 3 years–that means I missed an ENTIRE YEAR of sleep in 3 years–I just gave up on ever feeling rested.

  5. Oh, it is a terrible cycle. I see myself in your post. The 4pm shakes…needs espresso….6pm dinner with whiny kids….needs alcohol….ack. up. down. up. down…

  6. Tony gets less sleep than I do, (although he needs less sleep) and he’s giving me a hard time:

    Tony: WHY are you so tired. Is there something WRONG with you?

    Me: Ye gods, man, I need sleep, and my days with these kids (breaking up the fighting and fending off the whining) are draining what’s left of my energy, and worst of all, I’m on a diiiieeetttt.

    Damn, it’s after 11 pm. Must stop complaining and get to bed.

  7. I love staying up late and getting up early.. it is the middle of the day that I could do without..

    My children are both night owls so it looks like this is some kind of genetic coding…

    I think spending time with your husband is always worth missing a few hours of sleep.

  8. I think they should say in all parenting books – sleep deprivation is not just when the babies are little, it becomes a way of life. Once a deep sleeper, I now wake if a leaf is falling a little too loudly outside. I go to bed too early (jsut finishing off this bag etc etc etc) and get waken up far too early. Hence a diet of Pinot Grigio and chocolate and dreams of Banoffe Pie. Thus a waistline which bears no resemblence to the waistline i should have.

  9. should have said bed too late in last comment (see lack of sleep has made brain all mushy)

  10. Yup. I see myself doing very similar things. And who do I really have to blame? me.

  11. Why did I only get to sleep at 12 last night and woken up by F’s alarm at 5:30?

    Even though I need to be fast asleep by 10 and gently woken up at 6:30 maybe 7.

    Mumble, grumble. Because a certain loved one needs only 3 hours sleep.


  12. And here I am sitting 9 hours later.Am I cooking supper so that I can try get to bed early tonight??

    Noooo. I am rereading the blogs I already read this morning.

    Hmmm. Maybe its got to do with our parents sending us to bed before we felt it was time?

  13. I am all to familiar with compulsive behaviour.

    sleep dep is absolute torture, as is the knowledge that you just ate a million calories.

  14. Chani, that might be nice, only my son’s preschool starts at an ungodly early hour…

    Meno, that’s exactly what I mean.

    Jen, like my son I tend to get all excited about the music and then can’t sleep. Besides that lovely man needs his sleep too.

    Ellie, you really should try again. At frist it feels awkward but then it’s really good.

    Liv, yeah. And I tend to get whiny at dinner too.

    De, there really are people with different sleep needs. Really. It’s scientifically proven. I get the puzzled look all the time because people think that six hours must be enough. But not for me.

    Sofia, and then there’s that. That was what started this cycle this time. I wanted to spend more time with my husband.

    Joanna, now I look back on the sleep deprivation during the first year with a certain longing. At lest I had a reason.

    Maypole, I’d really like to have somebody else to blame. On the other hand I’d rather be able to change something on my own. So then that’s good. I suppose.

    Hel, that’s one of the hardest things, going to bed while my loved one is still in the midst of activities. But then if I don’t do it I end up feeling like I’m not especially active for the whole day.

    Crazymumma, the weird thing is that it is ourselves who torture us. And somehow have the feeling that we deserve nothing better. But slowly I’m learning to be nice to myself.

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