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This weeks “joltees” are quite interesting again. (Oh, if you don’t know, what a blogjolt is, look here.) The first is Rebecca living and crafting in Ireland. What I love about her blog – apart from the beautiful things she makes – is that she lets her readers see into her creative process. And imagine doing so many things.

The other one to be jolted is one of the fabulous ClubMom bloggers. I immediately bookmarked Kelly’s blog “blended, with salt”, when I saw the line about “raising a teenager and a toddler”. Phew.

Off you go, read fabulous things.

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  1. Thanks for the jolt, Susanne! Let me tell you, I say “phew” at the end of every day.

  2. Thanks for the jolt, Susanne! Let me tell you, I say “phew” at the end of every day.

  3. I very much hope that it’s a satisfied “phew”.

  4. I very much hope that it’s a satisfied “phew”.

  5. I haven’t figured what my blog wants to be when it grows up. This does, at times, make me anxious, but overall I try to adopt a more relaxed attitude. I read one of those well composed “20 items that make a good blog” articles. It turns out my blog does not comply with any of the twenty items. I became quite concerned about that, until I allotted myself enough slack to go slow at making positive changes over a longer period of time.

  6. Hi Suzanne,
    I so enjoyed reading your posted and so agreed with what you have to say. I’m sorry to hear you’ve stopped reading my blog for the time being . . . and I’d love to have a conversation to learn more about it since I don’t write about blogging for money.

    I know my blogging goal was important to my getting to know how I would write my blog and how I would approach what blogs I read. So I’d interested in hearing your story. More than that I just find every blogger I meet is a fascinating person.

    Would you email me? I really would like to meet you. 🙂

  7. I forgot on my blogger account email doesn’t come through . . . lizsun2 @

  8. a mission statement. i like that.

    a life outside of blogging? how dare you. sheesh.


  9. You know, I don’t really want to improve my technorati rating. I like getting comments but I panic when I get more comments than I can reasonably read back to. I like having a small close-knit bloggin community even though it often means lamenting not being able to read all the interesting bloggers that are out there just waiting for me to stumble upon them.

  10. Suzanne, I’m glad you made that distinction between a personal blog and a business blog – sometimes I forget to point that out myself!

    So you are 100% correct – you certainly don’t need to follow all of the rules, especially when you’re writing for the audience of YOU. 😀

    Hope to see you back on my blog again soon! We’ll miss you on your break!

  11. I like your mission statement. I think it’s probably very reflective of what a lot of us feel. I’m afraid that my blogging is less considered than yours. I don’t really have a vision of what it would be beyond my rambling on at length about a number of different things…

    Hm…I’m interested about the two ways you are learning to play guitar.

  12. My blog doesn’t want to grow up. It plays grown-up sometimes, but finds it overwhelming, gets that funny dizzy feeling that you get when you sip at the grown-ups champagne and things start getting blurry.

    So, no mission statement.

  13. I think that most bloggers want more of something, but we don’t necessarily all want more of the same thing. More random Google hits? More comments? More regular readers? More links? And the desire for more as a sign of success also exists in a kind of tension with the desire for more friendships (we want them, but then we don’t have time to keep up with them).

    I love the way you fess up to needing a plan for everything. That’s very much the stereotype of German culture. Do you think that’s typical for most Germans, or more of an individual trait?

  14. So, thanks for all your considerate comments.

    I, by the way, haven’t figured out what my blog wants to become when it’s grown-up myself.

    I’m honored that so many of the bloggers I linked to have commented here.

    Most of these comments warrant a response by e-mail…

    I will have to figure out how to deal with comments eventually.

  15. heh heh

    As a lawyer in my previous life, ‘it depends’ was also a favorite answer for, well, pretty much everything.

    I blog for fun, primarily. If it stops being fun, well, I probably won’t do it anymore.

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