Jul 162006

I know that I’m owing you an entry. Yes, my sister got married, and yes, I was there. And it was very nice and unexpectedly harmonious and heart-warming. Since then (and even on my journey there) I have tried to write an open letter to my sister or something deep about weddings or marriage in general, but it just didn’t happen. So in my usual excessive manner I wrote this report on „How I went to my sister’s wedding.“

About ten days ago I went northwards, packing took longer than I wanted, but still left time for a workout and a singing warm-up before departure. I realized how much has changed since I had a baby, because I could stroll to the train with only a big and a little backpack, read a book on the platform, buy a croissant, there was no stroller, nobody to rescue, no debate about feet on the seats or hiding under them. And for almost two days not a single person grabbed my pants while shouting „Mama! Mama! Mama!“ Wow!

Taking the train was marvelous. The train half empty (no world cup fans!), I had a seat in the no-cell-phone-area, something I never take, when traveling with child, and it was really quiet. (Yes, there really areas where cell phones are banned on German trains. Just imagine.)

Contrary to my expectations it was my brother-in-law who met me. But then it was really nice, and gave me a chance to talk to him. We went to their apartment, where everybody was waiting for me. Or so I thought. But then we sat there and did nothing. By then I was really hungry, because it was half an hour past my regular dinnertime.

The whole wedding party spent the evening together: the bride’s parents, the bridegroom’s parents, one sister of each, one friend of his and two of her. That was all.

I had a little moment of panic, when I was told that there was no room reservation for me. Fortunately, they only mixed something up. Nice rooms, btw.

There was food and drink, solid German food. My dinner, for example consisted of steak, green beans and roast potatoes. The service was not as good as the food, part of our order got mixed, and the drinks took ages. I was the first one who went to bed. It seems that everybody waited, because they didn’t know who would pay the bill. Dinner before the wedding is not exactly traditional. Well, as I tried to get the bill, my father told me, everything would be on him. Generous.

It was also me, who asked my sister when we had to leave in the morning in order to get to the wedding on time. My sister said 15 minutes before meeting time, her fiancé said 20. But when my mother turned to me and asked, what they had said, I didn’t hesitate a millisecond, before saying, „Half an hour before meeting time, Mama.“ Ah, back with family. My sister and my father, upon hearing this, didn’t even blink. You might guess that my mother is not known for her punctuality. By the way, the next morning my parents and me were the last to arrive.

(to be continued)

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  1. Susanne,

    Brilliant! I had goosebumps from hearing you. I think it’s so wonderful to be able to have the gift of song! love it!

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