Jun 222006

Maybe not wedding fever in the big scheme of things, but in my little life I have the feeling of weddings aplenty. First my husband’s cousin sent an invitation. “Lebensverpartnerung” which means a kind of gay marriage. This is not possible in Bavaria, where we live, so we’ll be traveling all the way to Northern Germany for this. I actually looked forward to it. They were early with their announcement, they chose a beautiful location, and they were considerate enough to marry during summer break.

Next, there’s my sister. They’ll be marrying as soon as possible, when would it suit us. My husband said emphatically “No sooner than August, please!” but since it’s their wedding, not ours, it will be held at July 7th. Nice date, but I’ll have to reschedule my busiest teaching day, and spend two days on travel. My husband and son will be staying at home, since this would mean two days of rescheduling for my husband, and I have the feeling that two days spent mostly traveling would be a little too much for a 3-year-old. And traveling without child will be easier for me, of course. (And that’s something I’m looking forward to, having four hours of time to myself on the train. I hope that I can write and read. But then there will doubtlessly be lots of noisy world cup fans on the train…)

So, as if there weren’t enough weddings already, last Sunday my son announced that he had decorated his room and was about to marry. He had put a lot of Lego “tiles” on the floor, built something that was meant to be a rocket, or maybe fireworks (appropriate for such a grand festivity). And he wanted to marry – his teddy bear.

It’s about time, since they have been sleeping in the same bed for years. I was a little concerned for the same sex marriage, but then maybe it’s all for the better, we’ll never have to worry about our grandchildren being pale yellow and furry. (Or even worse: only pale yellow.) I don’t know, whether he forgot about the ceremony or didn’t want us to attend, I’ll have to ask him.

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  1. Hey! I just found you from your comment on christinekane.com I like your blog a lot! I don’t think I can read it regularly, though… I already spend too much time online! I just wanted to comment on this – I was just talking to my sister about this. I’m in a 12-step group, with over 15 years clean and sober. Just last year, I *got* the 2nd part of the 11th step. The 11th step says (in part), “Praying only for knowledge of God’s will for us, and the power to carry it out.” Well, I’m pretty in tune with my intuition and gut feelings – I feel like I can usually discern God’s will in my life. BUT – the power to carry it out?! I forgot that was even IN the step! LOL So I’ve been focusing on that the last year or so. And with that, came big changes in how I see things. I’m learning to take responsibility for my life, for my choices. Yep, I had the childhood I had, the setbacks I’ve had… but change will only come when I take responsibility for that change. And ironically enough, turn it over to God at the same time. Anyway – thanks for a thought-provoking blog entry!

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