Jun 152006

I’ve been back again now for a couple of days, but was still too busy to post anything. Also it’s a little depressing that a lot of the traffic on this site is generated by poeple’s searches for something weird with diapers. So I’m thinking about a change of name…

But I’m back again and very glad about it. My husband and I are famous for coming back from vacations early. You might think that we’re crazy (and maybe you’re right), but for me this is a sure sign that we like our home. There is the added bonus of being able to make music at home. (Also the bed and the food is better. And you have all your clothes with you. And all of your shoes.) This time it was a little better for me, because I started practicing guitar again. And a guitar is much more portable than a piano.

Nevertheless it felt like lugging our entire household around. Two big backpacks, the kind that people use when they go on a big trip for months, two little backpacks, something we still call the diaper bag (which contains no diapers), and my purse that weighs about four pounds. And the guitar of course, and the stroller.

Oh, we went by train. Once you’ve schlepped your luggage around and put everything away, it’s much more comfortable than car travel. You can read, listen to music, walk around, get a meal from the restaurant, everything while still travelling. (No, of course we wouldn’t take a plane! By the time you have reached the airport, plus the time you have to wait because you have to check in hours before you leave, you’re halfway through Germany. And what about the ozone layer?)

I felt really smug that I had unpacked everything one hour after reentering the house. The next day my husband did all the laundry, I shopped for groceries, and in the evening everything went back to normal. Or so I thought.

Since then we’ve been spending hours on the phone with all the people we had to call back, we went to the city and looked at pianos, fetched a guitar from the repair shop, I reorganized all my e-mail, and we talked for hours about the new studio setup and whether there will be enough money to buy the piano of my dreams. Well, not exactly the piano of my dreams, I saw both a Bösendorfer grand piano on sale, and a regular Bösendorfer upright that I can’t afford ever, but I’ll settle for a nice upright piano by Schimmel. Which is only out of reach. Actually, we have the money for it, but that’s all of our savings. There would be nothing left for emergencies or anything. So we just try to save as much as we can until December and then we might buy it.

The next days will be spent by visiting with friends, my son got invitated to his very first birthday party. (Not his birthday, a kindergarten friend’s.) And as always after breaks, we will have a minor breakdown on Sunday. (Better to schedule them in advance.)

You see, I’m not in a very good blogging mood, but if you’re looking for something really inspirational and essay-heavy, go to Christine Kane instead.

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  1. Great post! I hope you remember to do a follow up to let us know if it really was worth it! I’ve thought about doing this, but I don’t think we have enough room – we’ve got two refrigerators, but not a freezer.

    The real reason is that I don’t plan ahead. As far as the holidays – I’m just grouchy all the way through.

  2. Thanks for bringing a little reality to the notion of engaging in extensive meal planning! I do admit to planning heavily for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think it’s more about the ritual and the food than anything else. Not sure if I’d really enjoy a stress free holiday–again, I’ve grown accustomed to the face of anxiety! This year will be a new brand of anxiety—the stillness of not having a family gathered. Stress-free in terms of planning? yes. Will I be glad of it? Not so sure.

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