May 232006

After two aborted attempts to write something about some bands I saw last Friday, I’ll just take the time for a short announcement:

Having abstinated from stage for years I’m trying to become more public again by having a private house-concert. In order to celebrate my almost 40th birthday I will entertain invited guests with Tori Amos-Songs and original compositions. Drinks are on me to put the audience in a benign mood.

Silent all these years
on July 29, 2006
8 pm at my place

Any readers of my blog unable to attend (e.g. because they’re attending BlogHer-conference on another continent, for which I’d reschedule my concert anytime) may read about rehearsals, preparations and the concert itself on this blog. (Anybody near the bavarian capital (that’s Bavaria, Germany, Europe) on July 29 wanting to attend, just drop me an e-mail or comment.)

Now I’m all definite. Now I’ll have to do it, whether I want or not. Me, all alone, solo. Me, my detuned piano, my keyboard and my battered microphone. (It had fallen off an upright piano on a concrete floor years ago. Sounds quite good, considering.)

Am already having stage fright.

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  1. Susanne,
    I linked to your blog from daufiero’s and I have to say that this post really touched me. Each day I hope that someone will comment on the ramblings that I write. Sometimes I have a strong sense that one day’s post is better than another’s. There is something really fascinating about reading someone else’s blog. Now, to get over the pride of hoping that someone is thinking that as they read mine. I’ll definitely be following yours!

  2. I’ve been blogging at since December and this quote:

    “Nobody wants to read my blogs, why am I doing this?” Each morning I open my stats before even checking my inbox and I go like, “Oh, only six hits!”.

    Hits very close to home for me too. I am a Canadian writer living in Germany and I feel a need to speak out because I am silenced here — by my work situation, by motherhood as I choose to live it, by being different but not foreign enough.

    Probably, no one is listening, but I need to say it to cleanse myself too. It is an act of recognising our experiences.

  3. Sorry to be so tardy with a comment! I’m here! I’m here! I wish I knew why my feeds don’t work sometimes.

    Anyway, I don’t have anything smart to say, just to jump on the bandwagon and agree with what you’ve written.

    I’m finding out about myself as I write in my blog (and I know I would never keep a private journal – I never have), and that’s really why I’m doing it.

    If my writing improves, that’s a great benefit. If I connect with other people and learn something from them, even better.

  4. People will care what you’re writing about, because you obviously do. That’s the key. It looks to me like you’re doing lots of things right. Hang in there. 🙂

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