May 172006

I suppose there might be people asking themselves, “Why is this blog called “Diapers and Music”, when she isn’t writing about diapers, or music?”. Well, the answer is a little complicated. I never intended to keep this blog. I opened a blogger account just to show my husband, how easy it is. He was in the process of getting his own website and I thought he needed something to make people return. Like a blog. And I thought it might be fun to have one myself, since I enjoy reading blogs so much.

At the time that I opened up my blog, diapers were foremost in my mind. Not because there were loads and loads of them, like diapering three kids under the age of four, but because my son wanted to get rid of them. A year ago he decided to get diaper-free. Hurray, you’d say. But not if you’re the one to wash dozens of soggy pants and underpants and socks and sometimes whole outfits. Every day. Okay, not every day, because we don’t have that much outfits. But it became real stressful. Is he gonna pee? Does he need to go potty? Or not? Do I force him? Am I allowed to restrict his strive for independence? Only when there’s only one dry pair of pants left? Is it okay to hang up soggy pants and underwear to dry and then let him wear it again? How long can a two-year-old last without going potty? (Answer: longer that you think, but not long enough to avoid the soggy pants)

Sometime around July I decided to relax. I said to myself, this is his concern. His responsibility. And I made a deal with him that he had to put on diapers when there was only one pair of pants left. This went very well, especially since it became warm enough to let him roam the garden butt-naked. Then we had little, ahem, turds on the lawn. I thought, he’d never get it. But then he got it more often than not. With the pee. Poop was another matter. And I heartily dislike poopy pants. You know, a poopy cloth diaper is much easier to treat than a poopy jeans. Believe me.

Then I promised him a sticker for every poop that got into the potty, and voilà! everything went fine. Tada!

I’m just thinking about this whole thing, because there’s a new diaper-related problem. I even wrote an e-mail to Moxie about it. And she answered! (My question is the second one.) So there might be diaper-free times ahead. Well, there sure will be. Only very few kids go off to college still wearing diapers at night.

But what to do with the blog? Should I change the title? Or is it okay to leave the diapers in it as a pointer that this is a “mommyblog”? And then go on posting little essays on cloth diapers from time to time?

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