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Last year in September I started weighing myself again. I wanted to know whether my weight changed or not. Flylady advised us to weigh in order to know where we are. With the addition of “You are not your weight”. Like in buddhism. By the way, I started meditating in 2005 too. To get rid of “Unwise efforts and unexamined habit patterns“.

Then my weight started dropping.
I put my thinking cap on and realized that maybe, hungry or not, I didn’t need a second breakfast or snack at eleven, when twelve is ouur designated lunch hour. Against my habit I could maybe stay hungry for about thirty minutes.
Further I found that I’m not having one snack in the afternoon (unless you count continious grazing between two and six as one snack only). And I had to count my usual bedtime treat of one beer or some chocolate as a snack in itself. So maybe two afternoon snacks are enough. In November I thought that maybe I don’t really need to drink wine or beer to lunch and dinner every day. Since I don’t live in Italy, and am not napping, my lunchtime glass of wine made me a tiny bit drowsy.
I reduced drinking alcohol to two times a week, and one or two glasses. (Gave myself stickers for this too!)

Wow! I lost about two pounds per month. In spite of eating everything. Chocolate and sweets everday, and real food too, of course. Greek yoghurt with ten percent of fat, cake, cookies and alcohol. Even christmas was a breeze!

I thought I had it. This time I’ll stick with it. Lose a little more, then slow down, and then there’ll be a weight where it’ll stop. I’ll call taht my designated comfort weight and live happily ever after.

At first I didn’t even tell anybody about it. I’m such a motor mouth, but I didn’t want to talk about weight loss or eating any more. And I wanted to keep it to myself. My mother still doesn’t know.
(She’ll probably notice it when we’ll be meeting next time. “Have you lost weight?” “Whatever.”) If I talk about it, she’ll shower me with so much tips, I’ll probably be heading straight for the candy drawer again.
A propos, potato chips had to be rationed. Only one bag per month, because I just can’t stop eating my favorite junk food. Even ‘though they’re without mono sodium glutamat.

So now I’m really happy, because I’m eating like a healthy person.
Even if I’m still needing rules to do it. I hope it’ll get automatic behavior someday, and I’ll leave compulsive eating behind.

(to be continued – but not for long. promised)

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  1. Oh, my, I like them both. and I love the name of your blog!

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  3. I LOVE Muenchen!!! It is still one of my top three destinations in Europe, wonderful city!!!

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  5. both are wonderful!

  6. What a nice card! I can’t wait to receive mine!

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