Apr 172006

Captures your attention, doesn’t it? Now’s the time to do your traditional diet to fit into your bathing suit in summer. Anybody talking about bikinis?

So, why do you have a bathing suit that doesn’t fit? What good is that? Oh, it’s helping you to eat less. So why didn’t you? And did it fit last year but not this year? And if we’re talking about fitting yourself into the bathing suit, I’d have to hurry and gain twenty pounds in order to fit into the bikini that I bought the year before last. Then I had been at the point where I wrapped myself into a pareo when watching my son playing in the lake.

Never would I have thought that I’d come this far. I thought that if I ever turned so immensely fat, I’d at least not try to hide it.

So my relationship to this whole diet-loose weight-eat healthy-subject is ambigous at best. Because of my mother, myself, because of me being as tall as now when I was thirteen, and only growing bigger since then. And it has to do with the fact that I’m a compulsive overeater. A term that I like way better than “addicted to eating”, that would be “esssüchtig” in German.

I have been a skinny child by the way. I was told continously to eat something, to eat more, because my bones were sticking out. This hasn’t been true for the last decades.

This month I’m proud to announce, my BMI is less than 25, so now I’m officially normal weight and not over weight.

What’s this, you say? First a rant against diets, and then I’m proud to have lost weight?

(to be continued)

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