Mar 212006

We have bought new recording equipment. This time it’s computer-based. So far I’ve spent about three or four weeks getting the computer to behave, and linked up to the other computer and the internet. I then spent two weeks, putting all the information my husband needs into this computer, and teaching my husband how to use it (and get internet access).

Okay, so far. (Five weeks gone by, but who cares.) On the weekend I spent two days trying to learn how to use the recording software. And you know what I’ll be doing this week? Right: continue learning the software. My husband is now able to record stuff, but not to hear it afterwards. Hm.

I try to lift my mood by picturing how marvelously easy it will be to record sketches of songs on my computer. Any time I want to (if my husband doesn’t need the dongle, that is). But may be I’d rather have a little tape recorder with only three buttons.

Nah. But I’d like to have my six weeks back.

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  1. Hello, SF, and thanks a lot for your very detailed ‘confessions of an overeater’ which I’ve been too, for decades. Geneen Roth, South Beach, it’s all right. I can so relate!

    This is also the time for me here in far northern CA to ‘Turn It All Around’ again, and your posts are inspiring! I only read back as far as last Tues or so, but it was plenty to stimluate my fingers…(I stumbled across you in the same BlogHer zone I had commented on…)

    About 2 yrs ago, a high blood sugar count drove me to the South Beach Diet, which helped me, a real counch potato, lose 20 full lbs. and keep them off for a year.

    Then folks started saying how good I looked, and boom, I got lazy and incautious and back it all came. Fast forward to another year, this one that ‘ends’ in a month or so (USA college academic semester calendar), and I was consciously ‘rewarding myself’ (by no such restrictions, of course)for having made it with some semblance of sanity after 30 years in public education to my first full retirement year.

    And an extra ten lbs or so for a long rough winter, until disgust and a nasty late spring flu and my female doc’s urgings have reluctantly driven me back to at least a Phase Two South Beach type of diet….maybe we can do a sort of ‘check in’ to occasionally keep up our inspiration!?

    While I’m married, childless by choice and older, I just wanted to note our food similarities and thank you for making it so plain and clear all the irrational crap we tell ourselves (and believe!)

    If you’re diapers and music, I’m old cats and an ailing husband, but we’ll make it! I’ve been thinking about passing on the last vestiges of earlier sizes in the back of the attic, and now I will! 😉

    Cheers, and good luck and fortitude, ~Kathi

    ps Hop over and visit me at my silly or serious blogs:

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