Feb 132006

When I started this 15-minutes-a-day-thing it simultaneously felt like defeat and like a new beginning.
Why defeat? Because “everybody knows” that playing only 15 minutes a day helps nothing. You know, real musicians practice for hours everyday (until they know how to play and then they can stop practicing and play only shows five days a week). So I can’t be a real musician. Okay, I’m only faking it.

But then my real adult mind knows that I have to start somewhere (again) and even 5 minutes will be better than zero minutes. And if you have a real life with child, partner, house, garden, work and friends you often don’t have these essential 2 to 4 hours for music. And when you start doing it for 15 minutes more often than not you end up sitting at the piano as long as you possibly can. And if you don’t you’ve just done the equivalent of a musical warm-up for 15 minutes.

So, I’ll better be going … I’ll be at the piano …

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