Feb 112006

So, after viewing a couple of blogs (and finding most of them astonishingly dull), I decided firstly to switch to English (which most people understand in some way) and secondly to either post a little more often or cancel the blog.

I even considered renaming the blog, since the diaper part of my life has been reduced to one per day (or to be precise – by night) and the music part is not flourishing madly – but I’m hoping for spring.
Have been a wildly optimistic person for all my life regardless of circumstances.

So I’m mothering and making music and doing housework and a million zillion things a day like a lot of women. You’d think that having your preschooler finally in kindergarten would make live easier on the music front, but for now we’re living in constant upheaval. But then, there’s nothing special about this. The whole family is thriving on drama. ‘Though recently we started trying to calm things down. (And we’re almost as successful as this wording.)

So instead of making big, big plans for a big CD of my own, I opted for the babystep of playing the piano every day for at least fifteen minutes (FlyLady-style). Sounds marvelous, doesn’t it? You can almost feel a big musical project taking shape. The reason for this plan was the realization that it’s a little unfair to tell your students to practice without playing yourself, and the maybe more important reason was my realization that my piano-playing just isn’t good enough to make my own songs.
And when I succeeded in playing five times a week, suddenly my playing grew much stronger. I gained a feeling for the piano I never had before. Because my practice was not to be mere playing while thinking about something else, but practicing the same things I always thought boring and practice them mindfully.

I’m feeling quite strange. I, me, sitting at the piano, playing scales and chords and all that “boring” stuff and all the while enjoying myself tremdendously. Who would’ve thought?

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